Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blood - Beginnings

Working on some basic organization for my blood vessel.
In the fly through, you'll get to go through the vessel itself.

The plane in there is a photograph for me to continue to model from.

assignment 2

first idea- pool shark (get it?) rough sketch render ^

rough sketch in photoshop ^

second idea- great aquarium in the sky. sketch from maya and photoshop^


Inner Body Landscape

For my project, I am creating an inner body landscape. I will be modeling structures/systems from human anatomy, and mixing them together in an abstract landscape.

Rough Up of Tower

Just an Idea Im working on for control panels made of water

This is a rough up of my tower Idea.

Bacteria and Penicillin

This image is of the penicillin model with a background of bacteria cell clusters. The penicillin inhibits the production of cell wall materials and destroys bacteria cells.

This second image is of the cell wall of a bacteria cell. Glycogen forms strands that are cross linked by amino acids. I plan on adding more cross links but for getting a general idea I only put in a few. More bacteria are visible in the background. It would be nice to add depth of field to this type of shot.

Homework 2

The following images are sketched out environments for the final project. The narrative is one of a world where people never stop growing as they age. Here, materials and lighting have not been added. Rather, composition and massing are the focus. Following those images are some color studies that I am considering.


Homework 2

Here is a render from Homework 2. I will be rendering the heart and electrical conduction system. The heart will not be detailed, as the focus will be on the conduction system itself. I am isolating a heart using Mimics as a reference for creating the actual model, so this is a very rough temporary model.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


There is a story behind an image... to be revealed later.

Bastet's Hairball

Bastet is the ancient Egyptian feline cat goddess, and I wanted to depict a scene of a tremendous artifact left behind by a god, back when the classical depictions of gods were of tremendous proportions (although that is more of a greek depiction, I am taking artistic liscence). So I made this giant hairball that is left behind by an enourmous cat goddess.

I used Joe alter's shave and a haircut for this assignment, and I took a while to learn it before I just jumped in so I didn't have enough time to really polish this like I would have wanted- I don't think the scale of the object is appparent, I didn't have time to implement more things that could define the scale (pyramids etc).

The fur and the ground is in 3d, the sky and the extreme background are stock images under the CC liscence, rendered in maya software, color correction and compositing in photoshop

If I were an architect and a cat how would I design my living space? Please see the first image. There are plenty of high beams to nap on and hide behind.

My hours spent trying to tackle the modeling of a Japanese maple ended with these simple flowers in the lower image. Trees are very difficult to model, even tiny ones.


my last images are of an ice burg

Spongey Bone


Without background and glow

I wanted to make the form of a human [female] body by just using extruded parts to look like a ribcage. Then I started using the soft select tool to twist her arms around because I thought looked interesting. I love the shader I used for her body which is a metallic paint shader. Again I seem obsessed with reflectivity and the way lights appear on them which is why I hollowed out a sphere, put a chrome shader on it, and cranked the reflectivity on it.

A Quick Swim and Shiny Sculpture

For this form I started with a sphere and deleted faces to see what shapes it would make. I went back and instead of deleting faces I extruded them in to create those crater like holes on the creature. I then added some teeth and tentacle like forms to it. I originally wanted to put the creature in a tank and make it look like it was on display at a aquarium but I had issues with making bodies of water and having objects inside of them. So I scrapped that idea and used lights and a volumetric cube to fake the underwater look.

For this form, I experimented with repeating patterns and eventually found a process that lead me to this sculpture. I repeated the same extruding process and vertex merging until I was unable to go any further(the vertexes eventually became smaller and smaller which made it difficult to line them up with the ones to merge with). I like the way this turned out and some close up shots look like Venom's webbing from Spider-Man 3.

Polyforms-Chris Bohlen

I did not do anything too special for this assignment I just tried to use two different techniques that I do not work with too often. For the image of the flies I used a technique that I have never worked with, this technique is called adding toon lines to outlines which enables the artist to attach paint effects to the outlines of a mesh.

For my other example I created a table with a stack of wine glasses on it. I attached a dialectic material shader which is in the hypershade under mental ray. I tried adding caustics to the glass materials, however, I was unsuccessful in getting the caustics to actually work.

The Straightest Branches Ever & What It's Like to Live Inside a Super Ball

I focus most intently on color and light in the renderings for Homework Assignment Number 1, as so many of my past attempts have been practically unreadable when projected in class. The image above is of an orthogonal branching system, repeated and stacked and lit up like the bejeezus. I used a combo of mental ray car paint, a gold mosaic tile file and a clouds (?) bump map for the environment which results in what to me looks like a flare at the summit of the structure.

Okay, but then this one - about which I am really excited.

The first image is the real money shot, in my opinion. I was so surprised when my watery little clusters projected onto the environment in that way. I like to think that this little scene is what goes on inside those glittery super balls.